Earth is the alien planet now.

I’ve been playing with OmniFocus a little more – I didn’t realise there was no need for the KGTD script library. I really like it so far. It feels super intelligent, and… I don’t know. I’m not sure what I’m looking for in productivity software. I think what I like is the plan to have web access to my home system, so I have a unified task database that I can access and edit from anywhere. I’m hopeful. Last night Scott & Jessica both said they wanted to check out GTD, I’ll have to track down my loaner copy and get it over to them. We went out and say Pseudo6, 31 Knots and Viva Voce at the Wonder Ballroom. It was a great show, though I think I was into the bands in reverse order, so the fact that I caught almost none of Pseudo6 was a bummer – they felt really nice and droney and fun. I spent most of the 31 Knots show trying to think about what to describe them as. Here’s the story I came up with to explain the band – judging by the name, and by the general structure of their songs, they began as a June of 44-esque Math Rock project. (I’m making all of this up, by the way) Their lead singer, however, has this Ted Leo / James Brown theatricality to him, transcending the normal spastic indie possessed-by-the-music schtick and going all the way to “no, no… I can’t go on. Okay, fine, just this once, hand me that guitar.”, so they started emphasizing their showmanship. Unfortunately, the band are good enough that my genesis myth now has to include either a burst of gamma radiation, or a bite from a radioactive awesomeness bug. Viva Voce are really really good. They are a two piece, and once again they were the noiseiest act, and put the most notes in the air. However, I get the feeling they’re done being innovative and good, and are ready to be well-paid and happy. So they interspersed these haunting slow dirges with power pop songs that had the crowd pogo’ing and throwing horns. Even their power pop songs were good, though; the set reminded me of the breeders, though I’m not really sure why. Hey, cool. Justin from loudisrelative just emailed and asked if I wanted tickets to their show on the 25th. I’ve read about one of the bands – A Cautionary Tale, and am pretty stoked. I’ll see who-all wants to come.