Dear anyone who uses a household metaphor to describe government finances:

if you just took out a 30-year mortgage, you are now carrying about two to four times the debt:income ratio that the federal government is right now. Also, your interest rate is literally infinity times higher: the federal government is paying an inflation-adjusted -0.8% on most of its debt.

Andreas C. Schou

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Greatest letter to the editor ever? (From The Economist, via reddit)

SIR – You were mistaken in thinking that California once elected a “cyborg as governor” (“Just a little local difficulty”, August 10th). A cyborg is an organism augmented with mechanical elements. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator was an android, a machine designed to replicate a human.

Although the two may seem interchangeable, Mr Schwarzenegger would have been hard pressed to portray the level of humanity needed to pass for a cyborg.

Michael Scott
Great Falls, Virginia

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